We try to deliver perfect quality

We try to deliver perfect quality drugs for very good prices. Therefore we cannot do refunds or 100% reships. up to 50% reship is ONLY possible for honest customers who have at least 1 prior order in case your package doesn't show up:

2CB: 25% reship
3MMC: 50% reship
4MMC: 50% reship
LSD: 50% reship
XTC: 50% reship
MDMA: 50% reship
Cocaine: 25% reship
Amnesia Haze: 25% reship
Ketamine Needles R-isomer: 50% reship
Ketamine Sugar S-isomer: 50% reship
Crystal Meth: 50% reship
Speed: 50% reship
Xanax: 25% reship

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