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Welcome to TopShellNL!

We ship from The Netherlands to worldwide
Always free shipping!
All our products are always tested on safety and purity
Your personal data will never be stored longer than neccessary
Very fast shipping
Ultimate stealth shipping methods
We also sell bulk


  • 2CB

  • 3MMC

  • 4MMC

  • Amnesia Haze

  • Cocaine

  • Crystal Meth

  • Ketamine Sugar S-isomer

  • Ketamine Needles R-isomer

  • MDMA

  • Speed

  • Xanax


All our shipments will always fit into any mailbox worldwide!
Shipping method is 99% safe (worldwide)
Vacuum sealed securely, if needed multiple times
Cleaned with alcohol to keep your package and sealed product odorless
Estimated shipping time in EU 1-10 workdays, outside EU 10-20 workdays
Domestic shipping time 1-3 workdays
We also offer tracked shipping (costs 145 EUR)


ALWAYS send your address encrypted with our public PGP key!

Please send your address in the following order:

Address (street-name + number)
Postal/Zip code + CITY

Please send city and country name in CAPS LOCK ON!


We try to deliver perfect quality drugs for very good prices. Therefore we cannot do refunds or 100% reships. up to 50% reship is ONLY possible for honest customers who have at least 1 prior order in case your package doesn't show up:

2CB: 25% reship
3MMC: 50% reship
4MMC: 50% reship
LSD: 50% reship
XTC: 50% reship
MDMA: 50% reship
Cocaine: 25% reship
Amnesia Haze: 25% reship
Ketamine sugar R-isomer: 50% reship
Ketamine Sugar S-isomer: 50% reship
Crystal Meth: 50% reship
Speed: 50% reship
Xanax: 25% reship

Orders are considered a no-show if they didn't arrive within:

28 days for Europe
35 days for the rest of the world

Please make sure you send us the right address (and encrypted!), we don't do refunds or reships for wrong send addresses!

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